August 29, 2012

The morning of August 29, 2012, I awaken to my intuitive awareness of unity, oneness.  Fear is forever dissolved as it never truly existed, and the spaces in the cells of my being are open to multidimensional awareness activated by my 12 strand DNA.  The beliefs, concepts, opinions, ideologies, identities, attachments and passing whims and fancies of mind’s chimera are seen through and the result is a radical silence within:  no more fear.  I “hear”  I AM that I AM course through my blood and I deLight in the in breath and out breath’s flow.  During the night my Self in all of my various guises –  angels, soul “mates”, masters and guardians, my own high and or “low” aspects aided a divine acceleration ignited by my free will and erased the illusion of separation within my physical body forever.  My life is an ode of gratitude to this transformation as the sharing of creative love expresses itself with effortless joy!

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