Review, introduction

Some people collect tea cups, I collect words.  I have several journals  my house that I sometimes write in and sometimes refer to.  Reading and writing in this way refreshes my spirit.  I immensely enjoy looking over old entries to see how I allowed some perceived problem to dissolve making room for more subtle information to land in my physical body, the house of my soul.  Just this morning I read through an old entry from before my child Arthur’s birth, and the sentiments expressed feel miles and miles away.  The perspective gleaned from the process of looking at what I felt was troubling me at the moment is priceless:  I AM my own mother, my own father, my own sister and brother.  When I replenish myself and care for myself, then I have nothing to ask from anybody or anything and concurrently have my sacred presence to offer every “person, place and thing”.  As living vibration, this is my conscious experience.  So this new category will house old journal entries.  It is a celebration and a reflection – an honoring of where I have been, where I may go, who I am essentially, and why I express at all. 


In love for love through love and because of LOVE!

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