The Valley Below

Good morning!  I wrote this poem as a reminder to myself to slow down and take it easy.  To breathe and simply “be” when I have the urge to hurry up or “figure things out”.  Reminding myself to take it easy nourishes my soul.

The Valley Below

The top of the hill

The crest of the crest

I want to feel the best

Always best!

The valley below

Doesn’t seem so much fun

I don’t want to walk

But to fly and to run!

“Yet wait” my soul beckons

“Take a closer look

Come sit in the shade

And throw stones in the brook.

Here in the valley

The air’s not so thin

Take a rest from your thoughts

Feel the breeze on your skin. . .

There’s not so much rush –

For we take things slow

Upon closer look

In the valley below

Come!  Watch the grass grow!”

“To always exist in “the high” in “the know”

Keeps life’s laces tied tight and no room to grow

Here on the ground we give you permission

To put all that over drive “in commission”

IN and OUT, simply to breathe

To forget, for a while, any need to believe


Rest, Dear Heart, rest deeply for sure

no need to ask questions or  race for the cure

Let your beating heart

be your only allure!”


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