one and the same

Then the being playing my father and I spoke as One, saying  “I cannot wait to experience this time with you.  It is very important for us in this incarnation to understand our personal, relevant truth as well as to allow and honor the relative truth of each being in our path.  We deeply want to experience a sense of connection with our truth as it unfolds moment to moment, and so we will take ourself deep into concepts and beliefs that will cloud inner clarity so that we may develop humility and humor.   We will remember that any uncomfortable circumstances that we create together have no thing to do with anyone.  Because the I AM that WE ARE an integral part of is  so full of desire to experience feelings of separation and limitation in order to know what compassion, humility and absolution feel like in the realm of contrast, we will take the “plot” and characters seriously until we don’t.  What we are knowing in this now, in this very moment, is that this is all play.  Absorbing and distracting as it may be,  we are knowing that it is only one side of the coin of All That Is.  We are now choosing to see Spirit as embodied in every person, place, thing, emotion, mental concept, physical pain and so on, and that they are one and the same and their appearance transient.   Since spirit is timeless and deathless (and the essence of matter, of all that is manifest), there is no more need to remain in dual perception only.  This is all happening very quickly for us right now.  There is  no longer taking any drama,  and the dream of illusion is not taken to heart.   Though life may appear to go on as usual – the ups and the downs of a contrasting polar experience, we have now become our own authority, our own self-possessed being.  We declare our truth to ourself and feel the way through life fearlessly.  What I want to say to you in this moment is:  Thank you.  Thank you for entering this timeline and playing the role of  father and daughter. Because of this, the I AM expanding my self-definition to include and concurrently move beyond limitation and lack.  I may or may not be able to acknowledge and support you in your endeavors.  None of that matters.  My experiences are mind and have infinite value to me.  Know that I honor you, and from this vantage point we are all having such a good time!   I love you with all of my heart and soul for we are one and the same.”



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