it’s about time

A being who has agreed to be my mother pulls me aside before we begin our adventure, saying “It is my joy to perform this role for you during this physical experiencing of Katie Hart. I will gladly do as you ask by providing you with experiences rooted in fear, limitation, competition, mental domination, escapism and denial. I am very eager to further develop non-judgment, compassion, absolution, joy and unconditional love – encoding these qualities in my soul’s experience. Thank you for promising to remember with me. To take yourself into the dual world and feel the effects of the deep disorientation that comes from aligning with your personality’s whims and to re-align yourself with the Divine Presence within. I will be watching very closely, for I want to observe what goes into this excavation. You are doing this for yourself and you are doing this for the All. Know that I am your greatest cheerleader in this lifetime and that my love for you knows no bounds. It is eternal. Remember when you feel triggered that 1) you are agreeing with a reality that is no longer true for you and 2) you are judging an aspect of yourself as more real than all of the others. You are always in perfect balance, as am I. As our minds play with this world’s energies, never forget that I am playing the role that you have asked of me. Never forget that I AM love. I AM Divine. I AM the All That Is. And, Katie, I love you.

Now, we will visit together on July 27, 2012 in close physical proximity. Remember everything we talked about. This will be a different visit due to all the knowledge that has been gained thus far on your journey. This visit will be characterized by a feeling of levity or lightheartedness and deep remembrance of All That I AM. Its tensions and conflicts will pass without a hitch as the I AM that I AM comes into deep focus. An effortless sense of unity will allow for all to feel safe and content with their own body and process. Humor will be on the menu as well. It is a new platform from which to relate. It is about time.”

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