The sun has always been my best friend. My body left the sun of my mother’s womb in the month of September. When I was three months old I demanded that my parents take me to sunny Florida so that I could feel the warmth of my friend in between the cold winter months. We would never part.
I take to drawing the sun. I liken it to placing a seal upon the letter of my heart. The faithfulness of my friend touches me deeply, and my drawings reflect the place of honor S/he holds in my life: Sun always beams over the land and trees that support and surround my house and family. Sunshine begets the rainbows and flowers of this landscape, and clouds and birds swim in Sun’s rays. I watch my daughter as she reenacts these same rituals, affording the same honor for Sun’s place in her vocabulary.
My memory floats between sunbeams: shining on the carpeting of my Grandmother’s living room, bouncing off of the lake at the beach in the afternoon, making mirages on the road, steering the moon through her waxing and waning.
Sun is present in my memories, in my hopes and anticipations for the future and between my every thought, my every breath. Sun shines on my moods. All aspects of my life feel Her touch.
When I learn about Sun as star, or that the earth’s rotation causes the apparent sunrise or sunset, I keep one ear closed. No thing can distract me from the intimacy or centrality of my dearest friend to my existence. Sun is holder of my days, keeper of my dreams, and the fluid of my life’s essence.
The colors that gather around a rising or setting sun feed my soul. I am heartened, encouraged, affirmed, and entrained in a frequency that I know and love: the frequency of I Am – existence for sheer pleasure.
Sunspots on my aging skin are a tattoo of the beloved. Freckles are the exclamation points. I will take Her for granted and sometimes ignore Sun, but I cannot, nor do I want to, escape the truth of the matter: We are already One and the Same

Enjoy the Sun exercise in any type of weather – found on my friend’s blog

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