I remember

Before I was born, I asked the beings who would be my living ancestors (as well as many many others) for assistance in helping me to remember all that I am.  This is the lifetime, the concurrent life stream of all that I AM, in which I live in conscious awareness of my immortal nature, my blueprint’s essence, I stated.  Needless to say, being of One Heart they agreed and were eager to participate.  You see, we all knew that this time being experienced, this shifting of energies that would inform the dimensions in which we appear to live in here in earth, contained enormous opportunity. We all deeply wanted to be here in order to experience the extraordinary variety of experience available in what can be called the dual, polar realm of contrast. So, like many of my friends and comrades, I dove in – and,  for my soul’s delight, am   remembering “What Am I?”

to be continued…

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