I remember, 4

I am remembering now the grand Play taking place:

I incarnate as Katie Hart and per our pre-birth plan, my parents enculturate me into the dual polar world of contrast.  I teach myself to contact and rely on my heart’s messages of fearlessness, timelessness and unconditional love. I use this knowledge to guide my every move. A sense of effortless ensues as I remember that everyone and everything is enfolding the grand plan of I AM. Life is joy as I step fully into my Soul’s awareness of myself as Essence, the I AM. I bless every person, every place, thing and event with my awareness since there is nothing outside of All That I AM. 

4 thoughts on “I remember, 4

  1. I just heard you sing, IAM, on SacredSara…and wanted to hear more. Now I find the poetry is just as awesome and I really appreciate the beauty in what you are saying and singing. Blessings..Where can I hear more?


    • Hi Katie,
      I finally found this link. I was looking on Facebook. I found Pamela site. Left a message there. I am transfixed listening. Taken to a very Sacred Space with IAM PRESENCE to listen. Exquisite Voice of Presence. Loved your daughters enthusiasm and the inspired oil pianting. I will listen again…now.



      • Jill, I love your comment. I am interested now in building a website and want to speak with you about this term you have coined “Voice of Presence.” I will write you further using your email address . . . in the One, Katie


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