It is soooo easy being Green!

I Love Green, and Green Loves ME!
I breathe in Green and Green breathes in me.

We are so intimate, Green and I

Riding in my parents’ car, I lay back and watch long branches with leaves form a canopy overhead. I feel You are my dear dear friend offering happy salutations.

My eyes drink you in, oh my Green.

You bloom and decompose, and you ooze. I inhale Your odors – a symphony of scents. What comfort and delight, Green.

So fresh in Your winter coat – wearing snow on silent needles: Oh Ever Green! You peek through the pavement; unable to resist the light of Your Sun: Steady Green! The bees and the cicadas cling to and sing to You – Oh My! Green.

There is a grove of old, tall trees near the home where I dwell which I name “Council of Elders,” for you feel to me very wise:

“Forever young are we”, you say, “nothing to do and all to be.
Given ourselves to The One We Are, to be One is no Thing at all. Take what we give, our heart, our height. We do exist in pure delight. Know yourself as we know you. Our sight is not blind, it is birthed each moment anew. So now we see you taking us in. We feel a kinship, no veil too thin. Open your Heart and stand tall in its light, forget not your friends who stand by day and night. Soldiers are We of a love band supreme, taken with loving the essence of being. We breathe you in, come along for the ride! The One Heart, the God Form; I AM personified!”

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