I was born in the sapphire month of September under the Virgo stars. Born remembering my origin as Source, I lived in the matrix of my divine blue-print until the age of three. Prior to that my only memories of physicality include meeting a guardian earth-angel of my mother and therefore myself and experiencing the union of the polarities of light/dark, presence/absence and matter/Source as my earthly parents put me to bed to sleep one night. At the age of three I made the conscious free will choice to “reject” my divine origin blue print as Source Experiencing. This was done symbolically on the Earth plane by flushing the water-turned-blue (assumedly by some bowl cleaner insert) down the toilet in the new house now occupied by myself and my family. This moment is seared in my mind as the beginning of duality and of my decision to play in the earth’s polar fields before the appointed time of re-membering (Occurring in the infinite Now).

My blueprint as a Divine Human Experiencing continued to hold me as I played in the dense fields of electromagnetic experiencing called Earth. For purposes of learning, I knowingly absorbed the realities of my family, my neighborhood, my school and my church which existed within currents of fear, disconnection, lack, unhappiness, struggle, strife, competition, anger, distrust as well as natural currents of love and generosity so characteristic of the human heart.

I concurrently noticed the vibrations of those in my environment who broke the mold: living within the world while being not “of” it: a youth minister dressed to the nines with a stylish hat and guitar in hand, a music teacher who had the courage to notice that I seemed to play and sing with gusto and encouraged the development of my musical abilities, a fifth grade teacher with a twinkle in his eye determined that I could do “no wrong” and even nick-named me “Grace” (by the way, I dreamed of reuniting with him just last night!) a seventh grade teacher with a guitar and a song and a courageous heart willing to affirm the truth of my existence as a creative and musical being.

My blue-print held me in unique and creative ways during this time: the blue walls of my bedroom, the blue-painted piano in our blue carpeted living-room, the blue blanket and barrettes gifted me by a grandmother, the blue-purple water pearl given to me by my child-hood playmate upon her return from the Hawaiian Islands and so on.

The time came for a conscious shift in my fourteenth year. I accepted that the Christos lives in my heart eternally and that my life would be used for remembering this truth. I blessed the stars with my vow and tucked myself in my heart – yet the time for remembering fully would wait with infinite patience.

I continued to flourish in music wearing my blue Friends of Music dress faithfully to each concert. I wore my Angelic voice teacher’s blue Guenevere dress as I premiered the same role my senior year. I enrolled in college at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!). I even wore the veil in the form of “The Blues” for I wanted the “full” earth experience so that I would know through my feelings what is Freedom through Absolution. My Blue print held me as I travelled to Europe in my blue-denim dress. It called to me in a store-front window in Italy in the form of an Italian silk-brocaded peasant shirt – in, you guessed it, BLUE! That shirt and another sparkle blue dress would accompany many recitals in graduate school as it became clearer and clearer to me that I would be re-membering soon. I met my husband, Fernando, who wears the color blue (his favorite) as if it were a uniform! It is! I begin seeing flashes of blue – especially when I seemed to be re-membering consciously in the midst of daily activities (dimensionally travelling and shifting). I meet a Guru who emphasizes meditation on a blue-pearl and subsequently gift her with my blue-water pearl. My Blue eyed children are born and I am dear friends with another being who is living in remembrance of her blue-print. In fact, I am editing her book on re-membering the Divine blueprint inherent within each soul on earth Right Now! As time accelerates, I breathe in my Angelic Human Blueprint with infinite patience, exhaling freely as I connect with my environment, the field of Love that is the Infinite Potential of The One existing without time and without name.

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